International Journal of Drug Design & Discovery

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International Journal of Drug Design and Discovery

An International Quarterly Research Journal of Drug Design and Discovery

International Journal of Drug Design & Discovery (IJDDD) is a cutting-edge peer-reviewed journal to focus on latest developments in Medicinal Chemistry and published by Pharma Book Syndicate. Medicinal Chemistry is a problem-solving discipline concerned with the discovery, design, and use of drugs. Scientists find new targets for drug development, research how drugs work at a molecular level and the harmful effects of drugs, and determine how drugs’ properties, dosages, and delivery systems affect their performance.
In view of the technological development in the field of drug discovery and development, there is a need for high content publication for professionals both in industries and academia. These aspects hold major therapeutic prospects and obvious challenges for medicinal chemists involved in design and synthesis of specific enzyme inhibitors and receptor ligands. Computational methods are playing a key role in structure-activity analysis, in the rapidly expanding area of structure-based drug design, and in the attempts to indirectly map out the topography of recognition sites. There is a growing interest in combinatorial approaches in areas of drug research where naturally occurring lead compounds have not yet been identified, or where endogenous ligands are not appropriate leads for the design of novel therapeutic agents.
New journals are an urgent need to improve the research awareness, update on drug design and discovery. One of the major areas that influence the development of pharmaceutical industries are the drug design and discovery division. It is second venture started by the publisher in bringing up a new journal in the field of pharmaceutical medicinal research. The journal’s first issue is started in January 2010 and published 100+ quality articles so far.
The journal would publish original research articles, short communication and review articles in the field of drug design and discovery that include, drug design by rational approach, QSAR, molecular modelling, target-based design, pharmacophore modelling, drug synthesis, process development, medicinal chemistry, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, ADME, clinical research, biotechnology and nano-technology related to drug discovery.
The journal comprises of a very eminent editorial team members who have good experience in this field of drug design and discovery.
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